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Open positions for master thesis projects: Exploring new material platforms for superconducting quantum processors

Quantum computing is among the new emerging technologies gearing up for unprecedented applications in diverse number of fields which are otherwise impossible with the classical/digital computational power we have today or will have in coming decades. At QuTech, a collaboration between TU Delft and TNO, we provide a platform for new ideas to make scalable quantum computation a reality. The major hurdle in different approaches to realize large qubit quantum processors remains how long we can preserve the quantum state of a qubit (i.e., the coherence time).

In the DiCarlo lab, we realize quantum processors from superconducting circuits. This approach is among the most promising ways to realize quantum processors with large number of qubits. Several years of research have shown that materials and their interfaces are the primary reasons for the reduced coherence.

Our approach is to minimize loss of quantum information at the interfaces by exploring new materials well as by improving the qubit design. We are looking for motivated a master student to join us in addressing current challenges in the field of superconducting quantum qubits. Below is a brief description of the masters end project (MEP) offered.


Scanning electron micrograph of typical CPW resonator with airbridge

Project objectives:

You learn to perform finite-element simulations to estimate interface losses for various superconductor-substrate combinations and design nanofabrication structures to reduce the losses. You will also be involved in the measurements characterizing superconducting coplanar waveguide (CPW) resonators and other structures related to qubits.

If you have general knowledge of basic electromagnetism and quantum mechanics and if you find the topic interesting, please contact Dr. Anand Kamlapure (A.Kamlapure[at]tudelft.nl) to learn more about the project.

To gain further insight into our group’s work, please visit qutech.nl/dicarlo-lab.

Further reading:

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