In order to fulfill our mission, we are always looking for partners who want to join forces with us to educate the future quantum engineers. In the past, we have partnered with other institutions and companies to combine our expertise and offer a diverse portfolio of educational programmes. Our efforts focus on solving a specific educational need and expanding awareness and access to experience in quantum engineering to a larger audience.

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Quantum Flagship


Coordination and support action for Quantum Technology Education.
As a part of the Quantum Flagship research and innovation programme funded by the European Commission, the QTEdu collaboration is bringing together quantum professionals from education, research, and industry backgrounds to help define the future of Europe’s quantum workforce as the second quantum revolution unfolds.

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Quantum for Business

Quantum for Business (QFB) is a European initiative, developed by QuTech, Cronos Group, TNO, TU Delft and Quantum Delta, with the mission to increase the adoption of Quantum Technology in the market by transferring the academic knowledge and expertise to businesses interested in leveraging the potential of quantum. QFB is a collaborative, non-profit platform that offers its members opportunities for inspiration, education and community building around Quantum Technology. We bring together knowledge from different players in Quantum Technology such as knowledge institutions, hardware/software vendors, consultancy firms and quantum start-ups to share them with our members.

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