QuTech360 is a series of seminars where people from all QuTech divisions have the opportunity to build a deep understanding of the topics researched at QuTech. In each seminar, a quantum expert will guide us through one of the main topics studied in their group.

Below you can find the seminars we have hosted so far.
You can also find them on our YouTube channel.


Barbara Terhal

Fermions: The final frontier

David van Driel

Andreev Bound States: Spin and Charge

Marta Pita Vidal

Manipulation of a superconducting spin qubit coupled to a transmon qubit

Francesco Borsoi

Shared control of a 16 semiconductor quantum dot crossbar array

Ryoichi Ishihara

3D Integration Technology for Modular Quantum Computer

Guanzhong Wang

Singlet vs triplet Cooper-pair splitting in InSb nanowires

Tom Dvir

Realizing a minimal Kitaev chain in InSb hybrid nanowire (starts at 29:45)

Fabio Sebastiano

Cryo-CMOS electrical interfaces for quantum processors

David Elkouss

Theory tools for designing quantum networks

Mohamed Abobeih

Two-dimensional platforms for topological superconductivity


Sophie Hermans

Qubit teleportation between non-neighboring nodes in a quantum network

Giordano Scappucci

The germanium quantum information route

Patrick Harvey-Collard

Circuit quantum electrodynamics with two remote electron spins

Slava Dobrovitski

Quantum coherence and control of spin systems, diamond & beyond

Srijit Goswami

Two-dimensional platforms for topological superconductivity

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