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MSc Thesis Projects

In the second year of your Master’s, you can apply for a project with one of QuTech’s research groups. With a project at QuTech you will contribute to solving some of the most challenging problems in the revolutionary field of quantum computing and quantum communication.

If you are a highly motivated student driven to work on problems at the very frontiers of quantum technologies, QuTech is looking for you. We work hard to create a quantum computer and quantum internet, and your MSc Project can help us in these efforts!

QuTech’s projects are available year round for motivated MSc students from the fields of Applied Physics, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

To join a project:

  1. Agree with your Faculty about which projects you can carry out.
  2. Once you receive the approval from your Faculty, you can apply for a project by directly emailing the research labs/groups at QuTech. > Go to Research Groups and Labs at QuTech

At QuTech, our research and engineering activities are organised along three mission-driven divisions: Qubit Research, Quantum Internet and Quantum Computing. All of QuTech’s divisions have efforts in quantum software and theory, experiment and hardware, materials and computer engineering.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to

> Go to Divisions at QuTech


MSc student Sophie Hermans telling about her master’s thesis ‘Nitrogen vacancy centres in diamond’.

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