"Delft vibrates with a historical atmosphere, with its beautiful houses from the 15th century."



Engineers have been coming to Delft for study or work since 1842, when the Royal Academy was founded. Today, this same institution, now known as TU Delft, draws around 1,200 new international students every year.

Delft has a reputation for being a friendly city, with bars and terraces along the canals and on the city squares, quirky shops, affordable restaurants and great cinemas. It is easy to find your way around as everything is nearby. Delft is bursting with activities, from spring right through to autumn, including music festivals and street theatre.

Delft has a vibrant student life. Whether you are interested in sports or looking for cultural activities, TU Delft and the city of Delft offer numerous possibilities.


The Sports Unit of TU Delft offers a wide range of sports and is the home of many sports associations. You can take part on an individual basis, or join an association. Read more


The Culture Centre of TU Delft offers a wide range of activities ranging from art, dance and music to media and theatre. Read more

Study associations

Joining a study association is a great way to meet other students! These associations represent the interests of students and organise study-related activities, such as educational trips, lectures and excursions as well as social activities.

The city of Delft

Delft is the city of the world-famous Delft Blue ceramics and the birthplace of the ‘Master of Light’, the painter Johannes Vermeer. Delft has also close ties with the Royal House of Orange. Many of the attractions therefore have a link with one or more of these three icons.

Delft has a full calendar of events with music and art festivals throughout the year. The city has lots of cafes and restaurants and a great variety of clubs and associations for all sorts of interests and hobbies, including some for international residents. If the big city is more your scene, Rotterdam and The Hague are just a short train ride away.




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