“Take part in developing the technique of the future.”



“Building a Quantum Computer & Internet is really multidisciplinary. There is no field of study that teaches Quantum Computer Sciences yet, so everyone joins in from their own background. While building the Quantum Computer, we are creating a new field of science.”

– Jonas Helsen, PhD student at QuTech –

QuTech is a front-runner in the field of quantum computing and quantum internet and has the window of opportunity to become the world leader in the field of quantum. Chances are that the first quantum computer and the first large-scale quantum internet will be built in Delft. However, the technology is still in an early phase. In this phase it is extremely important to focus on talent. QuTech Academy plays a key role in attracting and educating top talent for our research activities and for the future quantum technology sector.

Our goals are:

  • Educating the quantum engineers of the future, all over the world;
  • Being the #1 source of trained students to be hired in the future quantum technology sector;
  • Preparing, inspiring and exciting the world!

By offering state-of-the-art programmes, we aim to involve different audiences, stimulating a process of thought and inspiring more and more students to choose the field of quantum computation and quantum internet.

Do you want to be part of these exciting developments and add a piece of the puzzle that might change the world? Check out our programmes and we hope to welcome you in one of our bachelor, master or online courses!

Our team

Christian Andersen – QuTech Academy Lead
Grazia Bastasin – Program manager QuTech Academy

Meet our students

The story of QuTech Academy is best told by our students working on the future of quantum technology.

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