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QuTech welcomes students who are driven to work on problems at the very frontiers of quantum technologies.

QuTech works hard to realise a quantum computer and quantum internet. To succeed in this mission, theory and software as well as hardware efforts are required in each of QuTech’s divisions. Students in the second year of their Master’s or third year of their Bachelor’s can apply for a project with one of QuTech’s research groups. The projects are divided over four categories: Quantum Software & Theory, Quantum Hardware & Experiment, Quantum Computer Engineering and Quantum Materials.

Projects in QuTech’s material efforts contribute directly to the development of new materials used in quantum chips.

Here you will find the projects in the category Quantum Materials.


Giordano Scappucci

Giordano Scappucci aims to design, realise and study innovative materials created through the assembly of group IV elements. The goal is to tailor the structural and electronic properties of such hetero structures to applications in quantum technologies. To achieve these goals, Giordano uses experimental techniques such as crystal growth, micro/nanofabrication and cryogenic measurements.

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