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Carmen G. Almudever

Carmen G. Almudever works on the definition and implementation of a scalable quantum computer architecture and more specifically on the mapping of fault tolerant quantum circuits on different qubit topologies. Given that current quantum technologies are error prone, quantum error correction and fault tolerant mechanisms need to be embedded in quantum systems. Furthermore, the limited connectivity between qubits imposes the need for routing of quantum states when 2-qubit gates are performed. The mapping process requires both compiler and architectural support.

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Edoardo Charbon

Edoardo Charbon works on classical circuits and systems required to interface with quantum processors and to correct data they generate. His group focuses on cryogenic CMOS (cryo-CMOS) components and architectures and on the challenges of operating them at high speed, low noise, and near-Kelvin temperatures. The ultimate goal is to achieve scalable qubit arrays, so as to demonstrate the speedup achievable in quantum computing. Edoardo’s group, the coolGroup, collaborates with experimental physicists in QuTech’s fault tolerant computing roadmap for the development of a quantum processor and its classical control electronics. Edoardo is a fellow of the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft and an IEEE fellow.

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