QuTech Scholarships 2023 open for registration

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QuTech is offering full scholarships for excellent, international applicants interested in a Master’s track in quantum. We are always looking for bright minds from all around the world to join us on our mission to create the quantum future. Our ecosystem, with partners in academia and industry, welcomes new students who are interested in the field of quantum technology.

The Scholarship covers full tuition fees for the MSc programme and contributes to your living expenses for two years. In addition, if you complete the MSc programme with a 9 (90%) or higher grade for the thesis project, you will be offered a PhD position at QuTech.

Are you interested in quantum technology and would you like to know more? Read about the requirements and application procedure for the QuTech Scholarship. Would you first like to know more about living in Delft? You can read about that. Do you want to know what it is like, to follow the QuTech Scholarship programme? You can read about the experiences of Isidora Araya Day.

QuTech Scholarship Requirements and Application

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Isidora working with other students

“The theory that we learn here, we couldn’t learn from a book. That book simply hasn’t been written yet!” — Isidora Araya Day, QuTech Scholarship student

Read about Isidora Araya Day’s experience with the QuTech Scholarship
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