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QuTech Academy MOOCs starting 15 September

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Do you want to develop a (deeper) understanding of quantum computing? On 15 September, 4 MOOCs by QuTech Academy kick off, including our newest course: Fundamentals of Quantum Information.

Take away the hardware, and all quantum computers work the same way, through the clever manipulation of quantum information and entanglement. In the free online course Fundamentals of Quantum Information, offered by QuTech Academy, you will study the abstract principles of quantum computers, and work with them on our Quantum Inspire simulator platform. Each of the four modules concludes with a quiz and experts will be available to answer your questions on the forum: sharing your own experiences, insights and thoughts with the other participants is encouraged!

Would you rather delve into the hardware of a quantum computer, quantum algorithms, or the quantum internet? Our earlier MOOCs also start a new session simultaneously. So if you want to learn more about quantum computing, head over to edX, or take a look at all our online courses.

Fundamentals of Quantum Information on edX
The Quantum Internet and Quantum Computers: How Will They Change the World? on edX
The Hardware of a Quantum Computer on edX
Architecture, Algorithms, and Protocols of a Quantum Computer and Quantum Internet on edX

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