New online course Building Blocks of a Quantum Computer

There is no doubt that the quantum computer and the quantum internet have many profound applications, they may change the way we think about information, and they could completely change our daily life.

But how does a quantum computer work? What scientific principles are behind it? And how can we operate such a computer? What kind of software do we need for that? And which disciplines of science and engineering are needed to develop a fully working machine?

Learn all about the layers of a quantum computer in this new course. We will cover all aspects of a future quantum computer: from the lowest layer where the physical qubits are located to the top layer where quantum algorithms are implemented. The course starts on 29 May 2018. Enrol via

This course is authored by experts from the QuTech research center at Delft University of Technology. At QuTech, scientists and engineers work together to enhance research and development in quantum technology.


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