New course Special Topics in Quantum Technology

In the academic year 2017-2018 the topic of the course will be Theoretical Modeling of Superconducting Devices and is taught by Barbara Terhal. The Course Special Topics in Quantum Technology will be taught each year in Q4 and the focus and the teacher can be different each year. The course is intended for (advanced) MSc students, or (beginning) PhD students with a research interest in the topic.

The course will discuss tools for the theoretical and numerical modeling of superconducting devices. We start by recapping superconductivity, Josephson junction devices and the quantum optics toolkit. We discuss the theory of electric circuit quantisation which allows one to describe any lumped-element electric circuit with a Hamiltonian and its dissipative environment. We review many of the known superconducting qubits and/or couplers obtained within this description. Two guest lectures will be given by David DiVincenzo and Leo DiCarlo.
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