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QuTech uses cookies on its website. These cookies sometimes also collect privacy-sensitive data about website users. This cookie policy is to inform you about the way in which we use cookies, and the careful manner in which we deal with the data we collect.

The way works will remain fundamentally unaffected even if you do not give us permission to set third-party cookies or if you block analytics cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a tiny text file that is downloaded by your browser and subsequently stored on your computer or mobile device. The information stored on your computer is only accessible to the website that generated the cookie and the cookie is only able to store information you have provided on the website.

We only use our cookies to collect information about how our services are used, and to improve or modify them to meet our visitors’ needs. Our analytics cookies (see also the section below) contain information regarding personal identification. You can change your browser settings so that you do not receive any cookies. Use the links below to help you change your browser settings:

What does QuTech use cookies for?

Analytical cookies

Data about the surfing behavior is collected via Google Analytics. This way we can see how visitors use the website and on that basis improve the website.

Data collected through cookies on QuTech’s website are exclusively meant for website optimalisation. QuTech will never use collected data for any other purpose other than improving the website and/or visitors experiences.

See the table below for an overview of the cookies on

Cookie Retention period Set by
_ga 2 years Google Analytics
_gid 24 hours Google Analytics
_gat 1 minute Google Analytics
cookie_notice_accepted 1 month QuTech

Please note: This only applies to the cookies used by


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