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PhD Student


What kind of research are you working on?

“My research is on how to route entanglement in quantum networks and in particular how this can be done with graph states. It is about finding out how we can use the entanglement that occurs. This research is still at the theoretical stage, so on what might be in the future.”

How do you like working at QuTech?

“Since the nature of my research is theoretical, I work mostly at the computer. QuTech organises a lot of activities, like common talks (group meetings) and projects, to stimulate communication between the different groups. It is great to see that there is no island culture at QuTech: theoretical groups and experimental groups really work together on creating the quantum computer and quantum internet.”

“For me the common talks are a great way to learn about the work of others and to get a better understanding of the full creation process. And I think it is also very useful: sometimes it is difficult to understand each other, since the theoretical groups and the experimental groups have their own specific terminology and buzzwords.”




How do you like Delft?

“I just moved here, so I don’t know the city very well yet. As far as I have experienced till now, Delft is a nice place to life. Quite calm, I think. I have my own place close to the train station in the city centre.”

When did you first get inspired for quantum?

“When I was still studying in Sweden, I accidentally saw a video explaining quantum computing and quantum communication. That video really got me inspired! And from that moment I knew that I wanted to learn more about this topic. In Zurich I took as many courses in quantum as possible and now I am here, doing a PhD in quantum.”

Do you have a tip for future students: why should they choose quantum?

“Quantum is a field that is still largely unexplored. As a student, you can explore things that no one has explored before! Real breakthroughs can be achieved. I feel that quantum is the technique of the future and it is very exciting to take part in this development.”


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