02.08.2023Open Position MEP/BEP

Open position for master thesis project: Test case design for quantum applications

Test case design for quantum applications

Responsible Professor: Stephanie Wehner S.D.C.Wehner@tudelft.nl

Supervisor: Ravisankar A V r.ashokkumarvattekkat@tudelft.nl

Courses (recommended)

  • CSE3130 – Introduction to Quantum Computer Science (OR)
  • CS4090 – Quantum Communication and Cryptography

Programming skills (recommended)

  • (Recommended) Python

Number of students
1 MEP Student

Background and motivation
Designing and implementing tests is an important stage in the software development process. It helps us to evaluate and verify the system we have created, with the added benefits of detecting bugs, reducing development costs, and in some cases, even improving performance. As with any process that is computationally expensive, time and resource constraints should be taken into account in software testing activities, and thus optimizing the test suite is fundamental in the testing process. Designing test cases for quantum applications is interesting due to the added capabilities (like superposition, and entanglement), restrictions (no-cloning, noise present in the system), and the inherent statistical nature present in a quantum system.

Research Questions

  • If you were to test a quantum application (for example, an application that implements the state teleportation protocol), what kind of input test cases would you select from the infinitely many possibilities, and why?
  • How can verify the test execution result for the given input test cases?
  • How many times would you have to run that test to attain a certain confidence level?
  • What makes one test case better than another one?
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