QuTech Academy offers a state-of-the-art programme that gives you all the tools you need to take part in the global quantum technology effort. If you want to join this revolutionary field of science and engineering, enrol for a master programme at TU Delft.

Enrolment for the master programme at QuTech Academy involves three steps. Read more about the procedures, admission requirements and necessary documents below. When you have any further questions, please contact the coordinator of the master programme.

Step 1: Choose a master programme and check the admission requirements

Quantum technology is a highly interdisciplinary field. For this reason, it is possible to choose your broadening courses from several different disciplines. The first step is thus to pick one of the following TU Delft master programmes to enrol in. This choice will determine which broadening courses you will take.

You will find more information on each programme and the specific admission requirements on the master programme’s webpage or in the brochures. You are advised to contact the master coordinators to discuss the opportunities of attending quantum courses in a specific master programme.

From Bachelor to Master programme

Each master programme has specific admission requirements, which you can find on the webpages of the above-mentioned master programmes.

Based on the qualifications of your bachelor’s degree, you can either be admitted directly or you need to take some extra modules, in a bridging programme. Information about degree programmes and transferring from BSc programmes to MSc programmes can be found at doorstroommatrix.nl.

If you need any help regarding the bridging programmes in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics or Embedded Systems, please contact Schakelen-ewi@tudelft.nl If you need any help regarding the bridging programmes in Applied Physics, please contact Mr Arno Haket via info-ap@tudelft.nl

Step 2: Application, enrolment and deadlines

Once you have decided which master programme suits you best, you can proceed your application at TU Delft via Studielink. Studielink helps you organise your enrolment easily, clearly and quickly.

You will be officially enrolled when you have fulfilled the admission requirements for the degree programme, and when the digital authorisation for the payment of your tuition fees has been processed. You will then receive a notice of enrolment. The deadline is 1 September.

Bridging programme

When you need a bridging programme follow these instructions (deadline 1 July). If you need help, please contact the Contact Center ESA.

Step 3: Enrol for the QuTech Academy courses on Blackboard

The QuTech Academy master courses start in september. Once you have been admitted by TU Delft for the master programme of your choice, you can enrol for our courses on Brightspace. Make sure that you attend the course Fundamentals of Quantum Information first. This course is a prerequisite for the other courses.

  1. Fundamentals of Quantum Information
  2. Quantum Communication and Cryptography
  3. Quantum Hardware
  4. Electronics for Quantum Computation
  5. Special Topics in Quantum Technology

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If you have any further questions, please contact QuTech or TU Delft.

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